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Sam Lundquist

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A dreamer. A doer. A designer + writer. All-in passion with an imagination that just won’t quit.

I imagine and design places, spaces, and experiences
that teach, inspire, connect, and dazzle all kinds of people.


Who I Am


I’m Sam.

I’m an award-winning creative director, writer, and designer specializing in entertainment, technology, and community experiences. For the past eight years, I’ve led and collaborated with fantastic teams—from Hollywood studios to top-notch start-ups to world-changing nonprofits—to discover what happens when creativity and community intersect. That’s meant everything from the Thea Award-winning Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter to homegrown art installations to digital experiences for the nation’s leading organizations.

With every project that I embark upon, I’m always looking for exciting ways to connect people, inspire curiosity, dazzle an audience, and most importantly, teach others about our incredible world.

A few fun facts:

  • I’m one of Wheel of Fortune’s top 5 most amazing solves of all time. No really! In 2007, I was a contestant on the show, and I managed to surprise myself and Pat Sajak with a crazy fast solve.
  • My full first name is Samual. That “-al” at the end is my Dad’s tribute to his hero, Albert Einstein.
  • My favorite show of all time— no contest—is Fantasmic at Disneyland. Some imagination, huh?

What I Do

Creative Direction

I’m a dreamer. I collaborate with you to imagine experiences perfect for your audience. Need a rebranding? How about an all-new digital campaign? I’m game. Let’s dream together.

Creative Writing & Copywriting

I’m a writer. Sensational scripts: check. Clever copy: check. Perfect pitch decks: check. I produce content that your audience will love—always focusing on clear storytelling.

Print & Digital Design

I’m a designer. Let’s talk killer colors, logos, and layouts. I build fast, fun, and fresh designs to bring your company, organization, or brand to life on paper or on screen.


My Work



  • Sam’s respect for brands, IPs, cultures, people and, especially, their stories, paired with his wonderful way with personalities of all sorts has time and again helped to smooth the pathway leading to our design goals.

    Kati Roberts - Manager, Global Themed Entertainment at Warner Bros.
  • In my career, I have rarely had the pleasure to work with such a dedicated, industrious, brilliant, imaginative and charming exemplar of the creative process. Sam is a singular talent, an invaluable asset and the consummate collaborator.

    David Wally - Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Mycōtoo
  • Sam is professional while also being so approachable—two attributes that are key in the people-centric world of journalism… He prides himself on listening and storytelling and it shows.

    Jessica Hamlin - Award-Winning Journalist and Web Producer
  • Sam takes hold of a project by the core and improves it where one never expected improvements could be made.

    Chris Durmick - Creative Director, Thinkwell Group

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